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Events that happened on September 22:

This section will probably never be finished. We continue to add dates and events related to the History of Spain, some more significant than others but, nevertheless, all worth remembering. If you think we may have missed any, or find an error, please let us know at hello@webhispania.info. Thanks!

almanac (ɔːlmənæk)
a book published every year which contains information about events connected with a particular subject or activity, and facts and statistics about that activity.

852Reconquista: Abderraman II dies and Mohammed I succeeds him. He had martyred many Christians and his death was seen as divine punishment.
1499Treaty of Basel, declaring Switzerland an independent state.
1554Francisco Vázquez de Coronado, Spanish conquistador, dies.
1554The English pirate John Hawkins and his pupil Francis Drake were defeated at the Battle of San Juan de Ulúa.
1832Luisa Carlota arrives at the palace of La Granja and manages to annul the change by repealing the Salic Law.
1980Iraq invades Iran, starting a war between the two countries.

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