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Events that happened on June 24:

This section will probably never be finished. We continue to add dates and events related to the History of Spain, some more significant than others but, nevertheless, all worth remembering. If you think we may have missed any, or find an error, please let us know at hello@webhispania.info. Thanks!

almanac (ɔːlmənæk)
a book published every year which contains information about events connected with a particular subject or activity, and facts and statistics about that activity.

1471Don Miguel López de Legazpi founds the city of Manila Philippines).
1564Villahermosa, the current capital of the state of Tabasco in Mexico, was founded.
1622Dutch invasion attempt in Macau. Portuguese and Spanish troops from the Fortaleza do Monte repel it.
1821Battle of Carabobo, in which the revolutionary army under the command of Simón Bolívar defeats the Royalist army in America under Miguel de la Torre. Leading to the emancipation of Venezuela.
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