Spain was quick to help the colonists and indigenous people in its territories against smallpox


In 1798, the British country doctor Edward Jenner obtained the first institutional recognition for his newly devised (1796) smallpox vaccine; the Royal Society finally published its documentation, although the scientific and social controversy continued

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American allies


There were numerous American allies who supported the Spaniards in the New World. Without them, "the conquest" would not have occurred, given its small number (and not just at first), so most likely the

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The Holy California Expedition


The Franciscan friar Fray Junípero Serra participated in the colonisation of this state together with Gaspar de Portolá. Last third of the 18th century. Spain, however implausible it may seem today, barely ten

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America’s forgotten slaves, the Irish


When we talk about slaves and America, the first images that come to mind are the huge cotton plantations where slaves brought from Africa work from sun to sun. But there were other slaves, white

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Physicians and medicine in 16th-century New Spain


There were improvised surgeons among the Spanish soldiers, who faced the American natives in the name of universal empire and church. There were also native physicians, organized around an important cultural center: the Franciscan college of Holy Cross in Tlatelolco. They perpetuated the ancestral medical traditions. In the dawning of New Spain, arrived here some physicians and surgeons prepared in important medical centers, such Sevilla, Salamanca, and Alcalá de Henares. Soon after a noteworthy exchange of medicinal plants and, generally, of therapeutic products between the old and new world took place. Likewise arrived here medical books printed in Europe and, in the second half of such century, appeared Newspanish medical books. When the first chair of medicine was established in the Royal University of México (1578), the number of medical publications increased until, in 1598, appeared the first medical thesis printed in America.

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