About José Carlos Mena Sánchez

Graduate in Law from the University of Seville. His enthusiasm for literature is reflected in his blog "Sonrisas en el Camino" and in other international literature blogs in which he has participated. In 2004 he published his first collection of poems entitled "Sueños de lo Cotidiano" (Dreams of the Everyday), which he is still practising, as can be seen. He is the author of countless articles for websites specialising in personal development, a subject in which he specialised when he worked as an employment counsellor. From this stage came the books "Enthusiasm, The Recipe" (2015) and "Stones in the Road" (2017). He is passionate about the history of Spain and the small episodes that bring unknown protagonists to prominence, and this is how he regularly expresses it in his blog and in his projects. This is the origin of his first historical novel entitled "La Artillera" (2019). He has also won the literary contest "Corcel Negro" with the poetry book "Cicatrices". The work will be published in April 2021
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